Kushner Management Advisory Services provides the following solutions to client needs:

Advisory Services: Building management capacity for organizational effectiveness

  • Measuring and improving organizational effectiveness using the OPEN SYSTEMS model
  • Solving problems in organizational strategy and structure
  • Delivering persuasive strategic and business plans to improve performance and reach goals

Analysis and Research: Solving economic, business, and policy questions with clear answers

  • Gathering and analyzing data from surveys, interviews, and secondary sources
  • Using quantitative and qualitative techniques to answer questions in economics, marketing, management, and policy for private and public organizations
  • Analyzing individual, group, organization, industry, and regional data
  • Reporting results in plain language for private decision‑making and/or public dissemination

Training and Education: Building organizational and individual learning

  • Educating managers in techniques for planning and environmental analysis
  • Coaching executives and solving problems in executive teams
  • Developing and presenting customized training to meet emerging needs

Communications: Reaching external and internal stakeholders

  • Creating messages for external marketing and public relations
  • Writing proposals for investment, grant funding or debt financing
  • Developing material for internal marketing to employees and associates